Cafe POS System

The Best POS System For Cafe/Kiosk Business

DMEasyBiz is committed to your success. It reduces your burden and helps to enhance your productivity. It’s Cafe/Kiosk Model is specially designed to maintain all the operations of this business.

Caller Id Integration

With CallerID integrated. No need to type customer name and phone number, the system will do it for you and if it is a repeat customer, the system will show address, buzzer no. etc. all the required details for delivering, Instantly pull all the order history and make it faster to repeat/re-order.

  • Get Customer Details on POS
  • Automatic get details about the customer’s  previous orders
  • Place orders against user phone numbers

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Maintain Customer accounts

DMEasyBiz allows you to keep your data and allow you perform so many loyalty programs to enhance the sales. Some of the features are:

  • Store Customer Data-Name, Email, Phone No, Address
  • Maintain Customer Ledger
  • On account Sale for Customers
  • Give Discounts to Customers

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Maintain multiple types of the orders

DMEasyBiz allows you to take multiple types of the orders, You can create your own working environment and can take the orders on that.

  • Take out – System will take few details from you and will automatically create Take out order for you.
  • Delivery – You will get delivery distance and maintain printing according to the distance. you can put specific delivery as well.
  • Dine In – Create you own table layout and take orders.

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Employee Management

Our System will allow you to manage your employees. you will provide a unique access code to each of your employees.

  • Maintain Employee Information
  • Give Specific roles to Employee
  • Employee hours report
  • Employee wise order details
  • An access code for each the employee
  • Assign custom roles to each employee
  • and many more.

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Employee Attendance

Our System will allow you to manage your employees by assigning them a particular  Clock in – clock out code through which they will access to use the features and maintain their records.

  • Clock In – Clock Out
  • Get Employee Hours Report
  • Get Employee Wise Sales

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Automated Inventory management

Manage your inventory through multiple categories and subcategories. Moreover, get real-time stock updates. Our System automatically emails daily sales report to the owner. Some of the inventory features are

  • Maintain Stock
  • Categorize inventory in various departments
  • Get Department vise and item vise report
  • Maintain minimum price for inventory items

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Multi station Support

DMEasyBiz POS system allows users to take the order from multiple stations. The user can take orders from one station and close at any of another system.

  • Take orders from many stations
  • Easy to Work on Multiple orders
  • Check Order Status through multiple stations

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Integration with many payment terminals

This system is integrated with various payment terminals. It will allow you to choose from various payment terminals. You can connect to our sales team to get guidance on payment terminals.

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Create Special Deals and discounts

DMEasyBiz POS System will allow you to create bulk deals, time-wise deals, and mix – match deals, which will help you to attract the customer.  You can

  • Maintain Deals
  • Maintain Special Discounts
  • Get All Discount Detail

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All the reports to analyze, manage and plan for your business to take it to next level. Reports for Sales, Inventory, Audit, Purchase, and Employees. Reports can be filtered on the basis of various criteria such as Date Range, Employees, Category, Departments etc.

  • Employee  Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Inventory Reports

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