Grocery Store POS

DMEasyBiz – Grocery Store POS System

Our grocery POS offers an integrated weight scale cum scanner option along with other retails features in a multi-station set up.

Inventory Management

  1. Multi Level inventory management .
  2. Create bundles and deals.
  3. Create Packing
  4. Easy identification through color coding.
  5. Print Barcode labels
  6. Robust Inventory management trough
      • Minimum Stock Level
      • Maximum Stock Level
      • Re-order Level

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Shift handling

Convenience of working in multi-shift behavior for high traffic business with accountability for each employee. Get complete sales details for each shift for a proper analysis and to monitor your plans. This offers :–

  1. Shift wise reporting
  2. Accountability for each shift.

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Employee Management

DMEasyBiz POS allows you to create role for different employees with specific privilege and maintain shift wise data. With this, you can…..


  1. Shift Start – Shift End
  2. Create different role for each employee.
  3. Get Employee wise sales report
  4. Set commission/incentive employee wise.
  5. Clock In- Clock Out
  6. Capture employee working hours
  7. and many more.

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This POS provides multiple reports related to Sales, Inventory, Employees, and Customer etc. Few commonly used reports are:–

  1. Sales Reports
  2. Daily Sales Report
  3. Monthly Sales Report
  4. Inventory Reports
  5. Customer Reports
  6. Employee wise Report
  7. Cashier wise Sales Details
  8. Item wise Sale Report
  9. and many more.

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Multiple Payment Mode

Every customer has a different mode of  payment. This system is also integrated with various payment terminals.  This gives you the flexibility to choose out of a wide choice.

Accept payment through any of the mode below:

  1. Credit
  2. Debit/Interac
  3. Cash
  4. Cheque
  5. Gift Card
  6. On Account

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Weight Scale Integration

DMEasyBiz POS is fully integrated with multiple weight scales. If your business module requires some items to be sold on weight basis, let the POS do the calculations for you.Some of the available weight scales are:

  1. Integrated Weight Scale
  2. Biometric Weight Scale
  3. Counter Mount Weight Scale and Scanner

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Customer Management

With our POS system, you will be able to maintain individual customer accounts. You can allow different discount levels and credit limit for each and every customer. Allow loyalty points to your customer for some special deals. Our system also gives the facility to recall a customer’s previous orders should you need to process a return.

You will be able to:

  1. Create customer accounts
  2. Maintain customer ledger
  3. Customer purchase history
  4. Manage Loyalty points

Email Purchase Receipts

With DMEasyBiz, you can join the noble cause of Global Warming. Go paperless and share customer receipts through email for each transaction. System also gives you an option to choose email, print or both.

Analyze sales, purchases, inventory, open orders, our system will generate reports which can be printed or emailed to anyone.

Our system will –

  • Email Sale Receipts to customers
  • Email Automated Daily Sales Report to the Stake holders.

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Purchase Order and Receiving

DMEasyBiz offers you the convenience of creating a purchase order directly from the system for inventory items which are below minimum stock level or in high demand. It will facilitate

  1. Create Purchase orders
  2. Receive Orders
  3. Update Inventory

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Customer Loyalty

You will be able to provide your customers with loyalty benefits as below :

  1. Points against each purchase
  2. Special Deals
  3. Easy Redemption

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Multi-Station Support

DMEasyBiz POS offers multi station behavior for high traffic stores. It will help:

  • Quick service to the customers
  • Easy spread out across the store
  • No big line up at main station

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