Cell Phone Store POS

Cell Phone Store Cash Register (POS)

Cell phone store cash register is committed to your success. It reduces your burden and helps to enhance your productivity. It is specially designed to maintain all the operations of any cell phone store.

Make Repair Orders

  • Make Repair Orders
  • Process Repair Orders
  • Convert Repair orders into Invoice

Sell Products

  • Manage inventory items
  • Scan and Sell Products
  • Keep track or parts and inventory

Customers Management

  • Customer profiles
  • Customer dues and invoices
  • Customer purchase history
  • Customer payment history
  • Customer level pricing and discounts
  • Customer loyalty and reward points
  • E-Mail purchase receipts and invoices to customer
  • And many more …

Employee Management

  • Employees profiles
  • Employees roles and access levels
  • Employee clock-in and clock-out
  • Employee hours and time management
  • Employee audits
  • And many more …


Reporting is a very important part of a business operation to analyze and plan. The system provides all the reports required to plan for the business:

  • Sales reports
  • Financial reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Employee reports
  • Audit Reports
  • And Many more other reports…

Inventory management

  • Inventory management
  • Multiple pricing options
  • Multiple stock levels i.e. Minimum, Maximum, Current and Re-Order levels
  • Item properties: Color, Brand, Shelf, Category, Department etc.
  • Inventory alert below a minimum level
  • And many more …

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Cell Phone Store POS