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Get Electronic Store Cash Register / POS System

DMEasyBiz Point of Sale System(POS) for Electronic Store will ease your overhead by maintaining your sales, inventory, employees as well as customers. Some of the features of our DMEasyBiz Electronic Store POS system will provide:


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Easy to use

Usability is very important in the process of software development. Finding the required data with minimum steps makes any software easy to use by the user.  The secret of usability lies in proper planning and thorough testing. We have developed the software after evaluating proper wireframing or prototyping. We are always open to user suggestions and willing solve any issue encounter by them.

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Advanced Inventory Management

  1. POS System will enable you to manage your inventory into multiple categories and departments.
  2. You will have the option to create bundles and deals.
  3. You can set different-2 colors for each and every item.
  4. You can manage stock and many more.
  5. Different stock levels-
    1. Current Stock Level
    2. Minimum Stock Level
    3. Maximum Stock Level
    4. Re-order Level
  6. Print barcodes and shift levels

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Detailed Customer profile information

With our POS system, you will be able to maintain customer accounts. you can give different amount of discount to each and every customer. Our system also gives the facility to recall a customer’s previous orders when they call at the store.

You will be able to give your customers the facility to pay on account, which will provide you to take money from customers later on.
We will be able to :

  1. Create customer accounts
  2. Maintain customer ledger
  3. Customer purchase history
  4. Loyalty points

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Many types of Sales Reporting

Our System will provide you the reports according to your choice. We will be able to get all types of the details based on sakes, inventory, employees, customers etc. Some examples of the reports are such as :

  1. Inventory Reports
  2. Customer Reports
  3. Sales Reports
  4. Daily Sales Report
  5. Employee Vise Report
  6. Monthly Sales Report
  7. Cashier Vise Sales Details
  8. Daily Sale Report
  9. Item Vise Sale Report
  10. Full inventory Report
  11. and many more.

To get more details:

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Maintain purchase orders and received orders

DMEAsyBiz will provide you with all the features required to create a purchase order. It will

  1. Create Purchase orders
  2. Receive Orders
  3. Automate Inventory stock

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Electronics Store POS