Camera Shop POS

Camera Shop Cash Register

Camera shop cash register are committed to your success. It is specially designed to maintain all the operations of a camera shop.

Order management

  • Easy to use sales order management
  • In order, Change quantity, Change price
  • Various levels of discounts e.g. Line discount and Invoice discount
  • Update current order
  • And many more …


Reporting is a very important part of a business operation to analyze and plan. The system provides all the reports required to plan for the business:

  • Sales reports
  • Financial reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Employee reports
  • Audit Reports
  • And Many more other reports…

Inventory Management

  • Inventory management
  • Multiple pricing options
  • Multiple stock levels i.e. Minimum, Maximum, Current and Re-Order levels
  • Item properties: Color, Brand, Shelf, Category, Department etc.
  • Inventory alert below a minimum level
  • And many more …

Customer management

  • Customer profiles
  • Customer dues and invoices
  • Customer purchase history
  • Customer payment history
  • Customer level pricing and discounts
  • Customer loyalty and reward points
  • E-Mail purchase receipts and invoices to customer
  • And many more …

Purchase Orders and Receive Orders

  • Very easy purchase order
  • Suggested purchase order
  • Send purchase order directly to a vendor
  • Easy receiving based on the vendor invoice
  • Automatic stock update on receiving
  • And many more …

Employee management

  • Employees profiles
  • Employees roles and access levels
  • Employee clock-in and clock-out
  • Employee hours and time management
  • Employee audits
  • And many more …

Manage discounts and deals

  • Multiple ways to create deals and discounts
  • Bulk purchase deals and discounts
  • Time constraint deals and discounts
  • Mix and Match deals and discounts
  • Festival and Occasional deals and discounts
  • And many more …

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