Convenience Store POS

Convenience Store Cash Register – POS(Point of Sale) System

DMEasyBiz Point of Sale System (POS) is built for speed, simplicity, and security. It is a very light, window based, full-featured point of sale solution managing all areas of retail in one integrated system. This POS system provides a lot of benefits to the users.

Convenience Store Cash Register/POS (Point of Sale) System

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory through main categories and subcategories. Maintain minimum stock level and re-order stock level for an effective inventory control. Moreover, get real-time stock updates.

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Shift Handling

Multiple shifts can be handled through this POS. Cashier is accountable for each shift ranging from Sales to Cash and a report can be generated at the end of each shift. You will be able to assign different roles to each employee i.e.cashier, manager etc.

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Customer Accounts

With our POS system, you will be able to maintain customer accounts. You can allow different discount to each customer based on the business volumes. One can quickly pull out the old orders of any customer when they call at the store.

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Multiple Payment Methods

Business has the option of accepting payment in multiple modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash or Gift Card. Our System is fully integrated with various payment operators like First Data, Global, Moneris, Pivotal, TD Bank etc.

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Retail - Convenience Cash Register/POS (Point of Sale) System
Retail - Convenience Cash Register/POS (Point of Sale) System

Discounts and Deals

With this POS, you will be able to offer multiple deals and discounts to your customers. This can be Mix & Match, Bulk or Time Bound Deal/s.

  1. Mix and Match Deals: This deal can be offered when you have multiple items in the same price range or design so that the customer can pick up any item within that quantity range to avail the discount like “Any 3 items for $5”.
  2. Bulk Deals: This would be applicable if the purchaser buys more than a particular quantity.
  3. Time Bound Deal: Time bound deal will enable a deal from any particular date till specified date.

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Multi-Station Environment

Our POS System supports multiple station set up. During busy times, you can serve customers from any station which will reduce waiting time for your customers and improve your customer service.

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Retail Cash Register/POS (Point of Sale) System


Analyze or review multiple reports related to sales, inventory, employees or audit. All these reports can also be emailed directly with the touch of a button.

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Employee Accounts

You can manage your employees simply by providing a unique access code for convenience, accountability and discipline.

  • Maintain Employee Information
  • Give Specific roles to Employees
  • Allow different access levels
  • Clock In/Clock Out report
  • Employee wise order details
  • Manage Incentive or Tip Details
    and many more.

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Retail - Convenience Cash Register/POS (Point of Sale) System

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Convenience Store POS