What features are important? What features are important?

Every business has its own special needs when it comes to a POS System. There are, however, several features that are universal. Few features every system must have:

  • Track cash in drawer.
  • Clock-in System for employees.
  • Inventory tracking and sales.
  • Deals and discounts.
  • Calculate and track payouts.
Is it user-freindly?Is it user-freindly?

We have designed the POS System after analyzing the requirements of the customers. It is well designed and easy to use. It has

  • A very friendly user interface to add inventory and make sales
  • Automatically count employees shift time
  • Proper customer support
  • On-site training
What kind of data is accessible?What kind of data is accessible?

You will get all types of reports, such as:

  • Daily sales report
  • Cashier vise sales report
  • Department and category vise sales report
  • Item vise sales report
  • Audit reports
  • Monthly sales report
Is it quick and reliable?Is it quick and reliable?

Our software is known for its quality and speed.

  • Our system doesn’t depend upon internet
  • We provide high quality hardware with the POS
  • Tech support on-site as well quick solution on demand