Dispensary POS

The Best POS System for Dispensaries- Dispensary POS System

DMEasyBiz Dispensary POS System will automate your dispensary. It will track and manage one or multiple locations.  It has the option of all-in-one POS Solution. Contact us today and get your free demo at your location.

Inventory Tracking System

  • Provide the ability to check quantity for each inventory item
  • Updates the stock automatically when the item is sold or returned
  • Maintain minimum and maximum quantity level for each inventory item
  • Able to print labels for each item to show on the items

No Wi-fi? No Problem

  • Works offline
  • No external dependency
  • No special wifi needed for performing any operation
Dispensary POS System

Detailed Report

  • Daily sales report
  • Detailed monthly report
  • Cashier wise sales report
  • Full inventory report


Ready To Go

DMEasyBiz POS System doesn’t need too much setup operations. It is very easy to install and configure. It is very user-friendly which helps you to upload your inventory and maintain it. We also provide training to our customers to know more about working of the POS System.

POS System

Major Payment Terminal’s are Integrated

DMEasyBiz POS system is integrated with various payment terminals. It will allow you to choose from various payment terminals. You can connect to our sales team to get guidance on payment terminals.

Discount & Loyalty Programs

DMEasyBiz POS System will allow you to create bulk deals, time-wise deals, and mix – match deals, which will help you to attract the customer.  You can

  • Maintain Deals
  • Maintain Special Discounts
  • Get All Discount Detail
Sales POS System

Customer Accounts

DMEasyBiz POS System allows you to keep your data and allow you to perform so many loyalty programs to enhance the sales. Some of the features are:

  • Maintain Customer Data-Name, Email, Phone No, Address etc.
  • Maintain Customer Ledger
  • On account Sale for Customers
  • Give Discounts to Customers


  • Voided orders record
  • Deleted orders record
  • Cash drawer open record
  • Deleted items record
  • and many more things

Employee Attendance, Time Manager, Shift Handling

Employee Attendance– Role-based security and Access code to the employees to restrict the area of access to the system and track employee orders, tips and commissions.

Time Manager – Employee clock-In/clock-out and Time manager to manage employee hours.

Shift Handling –  There can be multiple shifts in the restaurant, the system will manage all the shifts, shift opening and closing and shift sale etc.

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Dispensary POS